Save money with these backyard DIY projects

The beginning of the spring is often associated with  long walks outside where you can enjoy the beautiful weather, cleaning up the entire house, planting new bushes in the garden and last but not least taking care of the neglected backyard. You can make it the perfect spot for relaxation or a place where your kids can play during the summer vacation. Not to mention that you can organise family gatherings there instead of booking an expensive restaurant and spending a large sum of money. All you need is motivation and some free time to clean up all the mess and create different interesting items out of the useless ones:

As we have already mentioned a thorough clean up is required before starting your DIY projects. Sort out all the things you have and throw the ones that are too damaged away.


See what you have available and you can start turning your backyard into a pleasant place where you can spend your evenings, away from the noise of the big city.

  • Add an interesting element to your patio. Paint the tiles in various colours but try your best not to make it excessive and unpleasant – looking. The cracks in the concrete can be easily fixed with some caulk.
  • How many times has your dog dug out the flowers? You can easily stop that without spending any money. Gather as many pinecones as you need and fill the flower bed with them. It will keep your pet away from the flowers and it will be really aesthetically – looking.
  • When having a barbecue in the backyard you probably have to take a table out. You can build one without spending a fortune. You can install it on the fence so it folds and raises. Al you needs is a couple of hinges, screws and boards, appropriate for making a table.
  • Are there any rusty pipes in the backyard that fill up with water whenever it’s raining? You probably have and you can make them look beautiful in no time. All you need is spray paint to make them look good and some potting soil to fill them up with in order to plant a flower.
  • The solar lights are inexpensive but they definitely  look pretty in the darkness. You can find a great variety of models and colours in your local home improvement store.
  • The chairs you can not use any more can serve you at least one more summer. Turn them into a large planter, which you can place on the patio.
  • If you want to make your kids play outside instead of playing computer games all summer long, make them a swing if you consider it to be appropriate for their age. All you need is a durable rope and a pine disc.
  • The lights, left from the last Christmas tree can serve as the perfect chandelier. That’s probably the most beautiful and inexpensive lighting you can ever make. All you need in order to complete this project is a few jars. Make a hole in the lids and carefully put the lights in there.
  • Have you ever paid attention to the price of the wind chimes? Those that are really beautiful are pretty expensive but now you can make your own. You just have to use colourful strings and old keys. Paint the keys and hang your chime onto a twig.

You are the one who knows best how to make your backyard wonderful. Use your imagination and the results will be impressive.



The article is provided by MoveOutClean Catford


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