How to do Sequin work?


Things you need?
1) Thermocol sheet
2) Velvet Cloth
3) Design Sheet
4) Paper and glue
5) Paper Pin
6) Different colors of sequins.


How to do?
Cover the thermocol sheet using velvet cloth. Cut required design from paper& stick to the cloth. Put sequins on it using paper pin on the entire design. Pin should b inserted through the hole of the sequin. Design can b made more attractive by selecting different colored sequin.


  1. This is actually done by my son.Cover thermocolsheet using velvet cloth.Cut required design from paper&stick2 the cloth.Put sequence on it using paperpin on the entire shouid b inserted thru de hole of de sequence.Design can b made more attractive by selecting differentcolored sequence.

  2. very very nice work done by ur son vishnu. can u pls tell me which paper we can use for this? how can we cut the design? i mean we have to first trace it and then cut or pls let me know.


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