How to make a beautiful Oil Painting – Sree Krishna


In this tutorial you will see how to make a beautiful Krishna Painting using Oil Paints. Its very simple and easy to do, so lets begin.

Materials Required

Canvas 18×24 inch
Oil Paints
Tracing Design
Yellow Carbon paper

How to do:

Step 1 : First trace the design using Yellow carbon on to the canvas. If you can do free hand drawing, go ahead and try it using a pencil.

Step 2: I have started coloring the face and body of Krishna using Prussian blue and a little white.

Step 3: Slowly start painting the complete painting

Step 4: Finish the background and let it dry and do varnish after 1 month.


  1. hi,

    the krishna painting is really beautful… can u pls explian how u did this and which borad did u do this… i wnat to really do this. pls email me at [email protected].. cau u pls send me the krishna (4th picture).. for downloading.. i would really appreciate it.. pls send it to me.. thanks in advance….

  2. Hi
    I loved the oil painting which u hav posted above… is it possible for you to tell me step by step how to do oil painting.. i have been wanting to do an oil painting …

  3. Hey Madhavi…
    Good going.. I really liked this website a lot..
    I always wanted to spend time in doing paintings (glass/canvas/nib…). As I am working I hardly get time for these.. I made up my mind to start my hobby again.. When I was searching “how to do nib painting” I encountered this site.. This site is really a good one and I liked it a lot.. :)
    Thanks for all your efforts to make this site and helping people to use their hidden talents….
    I am not sure whter I have a login Id created for this site.. But I registered for Sribd to download one of the ebooks.. Will I be able to use that Id has my Get Crafty ID? Help me…

    Tanks & Regards,

  4. i like this site soooooooo much UUUUUU are really great dear…. Thank UUUU for your great help for US…. Thank YOU Sooooo Much da……
    can You pls explain how u did this Plzzzzzzzz…. plz send me at ” [email protected] ” Thanks A LOT……..


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