How to do Velvet Cloth Embossing


Velvet Cloth Painting is very simple and easy to do. Just follow the following steps.

What you need ?

Black velvet cloth
Puffy medium – easily available in market
Tracing Design
Fabric paint (pearl colors)
White carbon paper

How to do?

Step 1 : Using a white carbon paper, trace the design onto the velvet cloth.

Step 2 :Paint the complete design with puffy medium as a base Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3 :Now choose your colors and paint the design. Keep inner outlines as a gap.
Always paint the lighter shades first then the darker ones.

Step 4 : Let it dry for 24hrs.
Then iron the back side of the design. The ironing should be done only after 24 hrs.

For those who aren’t familiar with Puffy Medium this is the product you need to buy given as medium.


  1. please tell me if we do embosing on valvet we need puffy medium is this the same medium which we are using to do glass painting thanks

  2. I used to draw and paint on charts and paper .This is very first time i m trying to do.Could you please tell me whether any paint kit available for emboss painting like “Stitch Kit”.

  3. i a new to this .i like to know about cloth embossing kits and how to paint over it. if anyone knows please give me an introduction and ideas about it.also the place where kits are available and how much it costs?


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