How to make a Simple Tile Mural?


Hi all
This is one of the simplest mural I have done :). Recently while shopping I got some clay ready sun and sun/moon masks. I had a small piece of tile leftout after the construction.
And Ganesha Puja was round the corner so I wanted to make an ensemble of all this.
So things I have used.
1) Ready Sun Face clay/ teracotta mask.
2) Tile Piece
3) Fevibond
4) Paint
5) Fevicryl Metallic Colors
6) 3d Fevicryl Outliner
7) Acrylic Colors
How I did?
I stuck the mask to the tile, half of the mask using fevibond to the tile, since the mask has a hole I can hand the wall piece.
Then I painted the mask using metallic colors and acrylic colors.
Drew a simple ganesh ji and gave outline using 3d outliner.
Finally wrote a famous ganesha sloka.


  1. Hi
    This is extensively creative art ,so was just curious to know how did you do the face ,it looks so nice ! Can u please share with us as to how did u do the face ,

  2. Wow Very nice. How did you do the face? M.seal? Ceramic?
    And what is the base?Tile?cardboard?canvas?
    The Genesha is very cute.
    You are very creative.
    I just love the work

  3. Hi Madhavi,
    Really very nice and creative work.Its looking beautiful.I am also doing paintings ,ceramic work,terracotta work……I will try to do this simple Tile Mural..Thank you



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