How to do Warli Painting



Brown acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
carbon paper

How to do

First paint the canvas using brown acrylic paint. Once its dried either you free hand draw the warli design or trace the design into the canvas. Once draw you can use white paint and draw the warli design. Once dried you have made a beautiful warli painting.


  1. hi madhavi,
    beautiful yet simple this art has inspired me to start learning. Can u send me this pattern so that i can download this and trace.

  2. Hi Madhavi,
    Wow! Awesome work Madhavi! I stumbled upon your blog by pure accident and I am so glad that I did. I love drawing and painting too and this is a great site to draw a few inspirations from. I recently drew a Madhubani and a Warli very similar to the one above. Could you post a few drawing oulines/ designs for starters like me? Thanks in advance. Once again, superb creative work!

  3. Hi,

    The painting looks cool, can u pls let me know how to make it or send me a website which teaches how to make warli painting


  4. hi Madhavi,
    Ohhh..i am so much in love with your work….n u too… u r so inspiring!!
    Keep up your good work n be an inspiration to all.


  5. hey madhavi
    hi ..actually m working over kids wear and my theme is warli paiting..would u plz suggest some designs or motifs for that ..m totally blank..m nift student me out ..:) waitng fr ur rply

  6. hi madhavi,
    I love crafts. And i learned so many from ur blog . Can u pls tell me how to make clay painting . what is clay painting? Pls tell me what r the materials required for 3d clay painting. waiting for ur mail

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