How to do Wax Rose


Take a small amount of wax add steric acid (10%) and melt it in an aluminium vessel. Dip the thread in it to make a wick , take it out and let it dry .Add wax color of choice , lightly oil a steel plate and pour the melted wax on it in a thin layer .Cut a wick length according to the size of the rose , a longer wick can always be cut later.
When the wax layer starts to set ,make petal shapes in it with a sharp knife. The wax layer should not be allowed to harden as it will have to be re-melted .Carefully pick up a petal and wrap on the wick, quickly fix the rest of the petals around it so that it resembles a rose.
LEAVES- Follow the same method for making wax leaves. Use green color , and make leave shapes in the wax layer. Pick up carefully and attach as desired.
NOTE- Wax is highly inflammable when heated and proper safety measures should be taken .


  1. Stearic acid is available at hobby/craft shops that sell candle making material,colors ,molds etc.Where are you located ?

  2. great work n labour………… n really beautiful work
    whr do we get steric acid???? whts its use in here as i 2 have made flwers 4m wax n smr show pieces like gift materials in glass bt no where i was taught to use steric acid!!!!!!
    wht actually it functions in here can u plz tell me


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