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I hope you have heard the words ” Bullet Journal” or “BUJO”. If you have heard these words and have no clue as to what it is or you are curious to know more about it. I have some great news!!! you are just about to unravel the whole new world of Journalling. I will walk you through what a Bullet Journal is, how it all started, How it changed my life and how it can change yours.

I was so excited when I found about Bullet Journal, Its a whole new community of people who mix journalling and creativity together, you can also opt for the minimalist Journalling. The bullet journal is a planner system devised by Ryder Carrol. As he says, it is a blank journal that is a combination of certain elements, such as an Index, Key, Monthly log, Weekly Log, Daily, Mood Tracker, Habit Tracker to name few, and a future log. Basically, this is a planner system that allows you to plan for the Present and future, track the past.

Unlike your regular planner, a bullet journal doesn’t have any of the pre-laid-out boxes and sections you’re used to. It’s just a regular journal (most prefer dot grid) that you customize in whatever way works best for you.

While any blank journal can become a bullet journal, not every planner in a blank journal is a bullet journal. There are lots of different planning systems that can occur in a blank notebook, but the bullet journal consists of this recipe (plus some extra stuff if you want to spice it up – more on that later). For example, my new watercolor planner is not a bullet journal because it lacks several of the elements of the bullet journal system and adds a heaping dose of art. So if you’re working with a system with the ingredients listed in Ryder’s bullet journal explanation, then you’ve got yourself a bullet journal. You can convert any blank journal into a bullet journal. It’s up to you how to convert the journal into Bullet Journal.

So let’s dive into What all you need to start a Bullet Journal

You can start the Bullet Journal in any notebook you have. You can use old ya a brand new. You can use any pen, brush pen. All you need is a Journal and a Pen to start a Bullet Journal.

What I have felt is that I am more obsessed with the materials that I’m using. It gives me an extra interest in journalling. Small small things like washi tapes, decorative items gives me more joy when I am working on my journal.

Journals that I would love to lay my hands on

Pens which I love using.

Highlighters that I use.

Washi Tapes and Stickers.

Watercolors and Inks

Now that we know what are the basic supplies that we need let us just jump into setting up your own bullet journal!


The index is the first few pages of your bullet journal. Here you’ll keep track of the page numbers of all the things that go in your bullet journal, from your daily to-do lists to your important notes.

This helps you to easily search for that one thing you wrote down sometime back. If you are not able to trace you can head to the index and see exactly what page it is.

If you are using a Leuchtturm1917, then the index is already printed for you and the pages are already numbered. But if you are using any other type of journal, you’ll need to make your index and number your own pages. Write in the first four pages as “Index”. Turn to the next blank page after your index and start numbering the pages starting at one. You can sit down and number the pages all at once or simply number as you go – whichever you’d prefer. As you add spreads and other information to your bullet journal, you’ll be able to write down what spread is on what page.

You can keep your Bullet Journal index as simple as you want or as creative and color coordinated as you want. Its one of an integral part of your Bullet Journal.


The key details the signifiers you’ll use to differentiate everything you’re writing in your journal, like a bullet point for a task, a circle for an event, and a dash for a note.


The future log is where you can look at the next twelve months of your life at a glance. In this section, you’re not tracking anything you want to do in the immediate future, but rather the things you want to get done at some point down the road.

Basically, this is just a page where you can write down any future appointments or dates for a month you haven’t set up yet. This way you can easily refer. I hardly have very few appointments for the future. It’s usually renewal of domain or my daughter’s vaccination.


The monthly is a birds-eye-view of your current month. In this spread, you write down all the things that you have planned this month along with the tasks and goals you want to get done throughout the month. This spread will serve as a reference throughout the month so that you can stay organized daily.

The Monthly Bullet Journal monthly spread is a whole overview of your current month. In this spread, we write all the things that we have planned for the month along with our tasks, goals, and tracker. This spread will give you an overview of all the things that happen throughout the month so you can be organized daily.

Ryder follows a very clean and minimalist list for his monthlies, but that does not mean that is the only way to set up
your layout. It’s up to your preference that you plan your monthly log.


Weekly is a break down of the monthly. You can plan out the next seven days in detailIt’sriting your schedules, goals, appointments, events and other information that you want to include. Most important is what works for you may not work for me. There is no hard and fast rule. Its up to how you want to plan your planner.


The daily log is where you track your day-to-day tasks as you go. In the daily log, we usually write our day to day activity, goals and things we have done or achieved. Its like a daily log of what all I have done,it helps us to know how productive your day has been. I love my daily logs where I doodle, write down small stuffs that happened on that day. These are some of my favorite spreads. Next comes the cool stuff in BUJO which I absolutely love….


Collections are the most fun part of your Bullet Journal – as journal is not always all about your goals and tasks. Sometimes you may just want to track what movies you want to watch or books you want to read or track your habit through out the year!!….there are some amazing collections. These are some of the collections that I personally love.

These ar some of the yearly trackers

CLEAN THE HOUSE Tracker I have an annual cleaning Schedule.

PERIOD TRACKER – Every month the girl problem I keep a track so that I have an overview of the month.
SAVINGS GOAL – My small money jar, where I try to save as much as I can.

DEBT PAY OFF – I have a tracker so that I get to know how much debt I have paid off, its an amazing satisfaction.
BOOKS TO READ – Another one of my favorite tracker for the year. I try to read atleast 50 books per year and this tracker helps me sort out.

MOVIES / TV SHOWS TO WATCH – I make a list of some of the movies / tv shows I want to watch, there aren’t many movies that I love to watch.
PLACES I HAVE TRAVELLED – I love travelling so this page is a self note of all the places I have travelled this year.

LYRICS LOG – I get addicted to some songs. Which I keep humming, so this is a log of my favorite lyrics.
WISH LIST – I make a list of things that I want and that I need.

BIRTHDAY LOG – A list of all the birthdays in the month.

DEFINE YOUR WEEK WITH A WORD – Some thing that I love to write at the end of the week.




I feel starting a bujo was the best decision I have taken, I have been Journalling for past 1 year and I guarantee its fun. You should give it a try.
You can personal trackers for the year. Habit Tracker, Mood tracker, Montly Tracker, Gratitude Log.


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