What to do with leftover building materials

After every innovation, rebuilding or improvement project in your home, there are usually a lot of paint, woods, bricks and other construction materials left after the work is complete. Instead of leaving them to take your free space in the garage or basement, you can use them for other purposes. Here are some ideas how you can use your leftover building materials wisely.
When you buy paint for your renovation or building project, buy the exact quantity you need or a little less. You can always go to the shop and buy some more if you don’t have enough. This way you don’t have to throw the unnecessary amount or leave it to dry.
Store your paint by placing a plastic casing on the opening of the paint can, put the cover over it and place it upside down to seal it well. It can last this way for a couple of years. The excess paint you can use for repainting your chairs, tables, cupboards and different smaller or bigger furniture and objects in your house, depending on the quantity of paint that you have.
Water-based and oil-based paints are disposed in a different way and depending on the regulations in your country. Water-based latex and acrylic paints can be thrown in the garbage if they are dry, but alkyd paint, which is oil-based, can be really dangerous, being easily inflammable and should be recycled properly in some recycling centre. You can always donate your leftover paint to some public organization like a school, a hospital or a church.
The leftover woods can be used for many different purposes. If you are constructive enough you can make yourself a lot of useful items from your scrap woods. You can make a bookshelf, a birdhouse, cupboards, high vegetable beds etc. Smaller wood laths can be used for making picture and photo frames. The coarse woods can be used for firewood. You can donate your wooden leftovers to some workshop, school or organization which needs them. Scrap lumbers can be used for different purposes. Make a research and see which local organizations need them most and donate them. They can be also used for new moving out cleaning procedures.

If you have unnecessary tiles left after the tiling in your kitchen, bathroom, toilet or hallway floor, you can use them for many things. Smaller and broken pieces of tiles can be used for creating a mosaic decoration over any hard surface in your indoor and outdoor space. They can be glued over your picture frames, mirror frames, tables and anywhere else. You can also use them for garden pathways. Bigger and whole pieces of tiles are appropriate for garden borders, which will make your garden more colourful. You can also donate the excess tiles to some community organization, which need them most.




Bricks are another building materials, which can be left after construction. You can use them for building a garden pathway and its borders. They are also appropriate for making a fire pit, a barbecue, high beds for your vegetables. You can check how much they worth and sell them to the nearest to your home bricklayer or donate them to some organization. They are also appropriate for some small home extension construction.

By reusing, recycling and donating your leftover building materials, you create a creative and more artistic interior in your home and save the nature from pollution, created by the poisons, which some products contain. Paint, tiles, bricks and woods will not only take valuable space in your home, but also lose their qualities during the time, if you don’t find practical use for them. Paint can also pollute the air and create fires if it’s not properly disposed and recycled.

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