How to do Nib Painting


Nib Painting as the name suggests is painting using nibs (as in the ‘nib’ of an ink pen). There are three types of nibs available. You can easily get these nibs in most arts & crafts shops. The three types of nibs are:

1. Rounded tip to do circle designs
2. Long tip to do lines
3. Short pointed tip to draw small sharp lines.

Other things required for Nib Painting are as below:

1. Design – that you wish to paint
2. Felt
3. Hard board
4. Oil paint
5. Tracing Paper
6. Pencil Carbon
7. Glue

You can find all these things at a local art shop where you get embroidery materials. You will also get this as a complete kit in some places.

First, stick the felt on the hard board using glue. Then, use white carbon paper to trace out the design on the felt. Your design is now ready to be painted on.

While painting, always start from the top, so that you can move your hand freely down the design. Also make sure you move your hand evenly while doing the painting so that this gives a real look to it.

Once you have decided on the design, you should decide on the color scheme. Usually floral designs go well with Nib painting. Select the shades for the petals, and if you mix two colors to get the double shade combination, it will look really good. Put the paint straight onto the felt; press on it or score on the paint using the nib.

Different nibs are used for different types of painting. For example, if a round design is required use the nib with a round tip. Wherever you need small sharp lines drawn you can use a short pointed-tip nib. Long tip nib is generally used to draw the lines.

You can also take the paint on the nib and press it against the surface to create the design. You may take two to three days to finish off with a design, or even more with a very good design. But the key is in doing it patiently. You will enjoy this craft, and the end result will definitely be worth it.

The design will dry off very slowly. Sometimes it might take ten days or more. The consistency of the paint is very thick.

After the design is fully dried, get it framed to give it the looks.

Thanks a lot, and looking forward to suggestions and comments.


  1. Hi
    Your paintings are absolutely beautiful :). I tried looking for these nibs in the US and still haven’t found a store that sells them. Can you tell me where I could purchase the nibs from. Thank you very much

  2. @ Sanjana .. . Initially I had trouble finding the nibs in US . Finally I understood that they are called calligraphy nibs. Try it out in any art store like Michaels/Joaan. I purchased them in Michaels.



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