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Craftziners receives many Guest posting requests, If you would like to Contribute towards our blog by writing articles, We always appreciate that. Writing Guest post will help you get exposure and you’ll get a chance to show your writing talent in front of our readers.

Why should I write for Craftziners?

Get Credit for Articles you write.
Get 2 Back links to your Blog/site.
Get a brief bio about yourself posted under each article you write with Photo of Author(if you have uploaded).
Get popular and build reputation.

Rules and Regulations.

The article should not be copied from or published before anywhere.
No affiliate links or Blog links in article.
Once accepted for publishing in Craftziners, you cannot republish that article anywhere.
The article should be in English.
No Usage of bad language, racism, objectionable content, bad words.
No Typo’s, errors, spelling mistakes.
Once Published all the Rights of the Article will remain with Craftziners.

What Topics can I write about?

Anything related to arts and crafts.

How to get started?

Prepare an article on topics suggested above.
You can include images related to article.
Check for errors, Typo’s, spell mistakes, Grammar
After completing article, login to Craftziners and post the article

We will review the article and if its up to the standard, we will post it on this Blog.

So go Ahead and write some content.